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Group photo of foreign students in Medellín

International students who do their internships in Antioquia receive permanent support thanks to the activities of the Colombian Network for the Internationalization of Higher Education (RCI), in which the Office of Global Affairs of the CES University participates.

The RCI, the West node, welcomed on Saturday February 23 the group of international students who are studying this academic semester, 2019-1, in the 32 Antioquia universities that make up the network in Antioquia.

Group photo of foreign students in Medellín

In addition to the typical games of the country, the international students enjoyed storytelling, salsa dance classes and indigenous rhythms and contemporary dances.

Pablo Raves, a German medical student who is doing his internship at CES University, highlighted that the activity “has been organized so that we can meet many people” and added that “human quality is what has impacted me the most”.

More than 150 students from different countries were integrated with Colombian students, in a day of sports and cultural recreation at the El Volador headquarters of the National University, Medellín, as an exchange of indigenous experiences in which foreign students learned about typical activities of the country like playing shuffleboard, and traditional games like yoyo, spinning top and pirinola.

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