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Capture of one of the YouTube videos of Valentina Gómez

Valentina Gómez Vélez, is becoming the most recognized influencer of the Nutrition and Dietetics program of our University for her 340 subscribers, thanks to her active presence on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, she has the firm purpose of educating people in nutrition.

The student known on social media as @valengove, is in the seventh semester of the Nutrition and Dietetics program at the CES University of Medellín and has been creating content for the aforementioned social networks for about a year and a half.Photograph by Valentina Gómez

With his videos he seeks to end the false nutritionists and the apparent nutrition tips that social networks are taking, "I got involved in the world of making videos because I do not agree that there are so many people talking about nutrition and food who do so from their experience and not from academic bases", expressed Valentina.

The topics of his videos are very varied, ranging from how to portion food with your hands, to overweight and obesity. Studying Nutrition and Diet gives her all the academic and scientific contribution to develop the themes, including, for her videos, Valentina consults with her teachers, whom she has considered a fundamental support for the success of her digital presence.

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