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Photo- University accreditation

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

In a formal ceremony, the CES University of Medellín, with 42 years of foundation, will receive from the Ministry of National Education (MEN) the institutional reaccreditation of high quality for the next six years, an achievement that demonstrates our institution's commitment to excellence. .

The MEN reported before 2020, through Resolution 013602 of December 9, 2019, that the CES University of Medellín received the renewal of high-quality institutional accreditation for the next six years.

The academic peers of the National Accreditation Council (CNA) recognized, after rigorous and arduous work carried out at the beginning of 2019, that “it has been shown that the CES University with domicile in Medellín has achieved sufficient levels of quality so that, according to with the norms that govern the matter, this fact is publicly recognized through a formal act ”.

“For 42 years we have contributed to the training of more than 17,000 professionals in high academic, ethical, critical, and human quality and our scientific and social contribution have undoubtedly contributed to this achievement that we celebrate today, that we share with the entire university community and that It challenges us, in a rigorous and disciplined manner, to constantly strive for excellence in each of our actions ”, commented Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, rector of the CES University.

For example, the MEN highlighted in the Accreditation Resolution: "The processes of participatory self-evaluation and continuous improvement that are evidenced from the previous accreditation in aspects such as: progress in teaching capacity, advances in research macro-processes and university well-being and development of educational media ”.

For the university community, the recognition that society has made for more than 41 years to our missionary axes of teaching, research, extension, social projection and sustainability were fundamental for the recognition of high quality.

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