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Photo heroines of the CES School of Leaders

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

From the area of Institutional Well-being and Human Development of the CES University, a space was created for the formation of leaders and teamwork called the School of Leaders. This initiative is divided into three semesters in which different factors of the formation of a leader are dealt with, such as self-knowledge, working on emotions, recognition of the partner, among others.

Carolina Posada Ortiz, in charge of this project and psychologist at our University, spoke about the semesters that make up the project.

“The first semester or level is called Fish, where the idea is to learn to know oneself, self-control, work on self-esteem and emotions. The second level is called Haces, in this semester the idea is to know the partner from empathy, in order to know their abilities and strengths. Finally, the third level is called Fast, where all one's own knowledge and that of colleagues are applied to achieve teamwork ”, indicated Carolina Posada.

Maria Jose Rodríguez Pacheco, seventh semester student from Nutrition, is part of the School of Leaders of our University a year ago and spoke of his experience within this.

“I have really enjoyed my experience at the School, since there you live with many people from different faculties and with different thoughts. In addition, tutors are a fundamental part because they are always guiding us. I highly recommend this program because in it they helped us with different weights that we carried in our lives and they also train us to help other people get out of these bad times, ” said student Rodríguez.

At the end of the course, the members graduate as "CES Leaders" and the main characteristics they obtain are leadership, resource management, project planning and assertive communication.

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