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The CES University in its process of expansion and excellence, opens the doors of the Medina Museum - CES University, as that place that invites the pleasure of the spirit, to new ways of approaching knowledge through exhibitions of art and culture.

This new space is located in Building C of the institution's Poblado campus, which has an exclusive room whose exhibits will be permanently integrated into the Fundadores Library and the University's common areas. In addition, it will have exhibitions in modalities that include painting, sculpture, graphic work, installations, videos and performances. All these artistic proposals will enrich, from a humanistic perspective, the university community.

“Traditionally people go to museums, but the idea we have is to have a Traveling Museum that goes to various places in Medellín, in such a way that the Medina Museum - CES University is always present where the people are. To go to the places of the University, the CES Clinic, peripheral places of the city, but not only that, also go to all the libraries of the city, to public places where people congregate and have art as part of his daily life, ”said Santiago Medina, a doctor who graduated from the University of CES, and a plastic artist who donated the works.

According to the curator of the Medina Museum - CES University, José E. Palacio V., the inauguration of the museum enclosure happens thanks to the donation of the collection of the works of the Medina family, such as "That form of memory that refers to praxis", as Walter Benjamin pointed out at the time and that in the end, becomes the leitmotif of this space.

The Medina Museum collection is made up of 40 works by prominent Latin American artists, including Omar Rayo, Enrique Grau, Carlos Santacruz, Umberto Casas, René Portocarrero, Pedro Nel Gómez, Raúl Martínez, Santiago Medina and Libe de Zulategui. The first exhibition will go until the first week of October 2019.

Sculpture of the Medina Museum

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