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Photography: Courtesy Julián Blandón Becerra

Julián Blandón Becerra, a graduate of Prehospital Care Technology from the CES University School of Medicine, was the only Colombian present in the logistics team that was in charge of emergency care in the restart, on July 23, of the NBA season in the United States.

The CES graduate was present between July and August for the season return of the largest basketball sporting event in the world, which had had a 140-day break due to the COVID-19 emergency. There he attended the first game of the reopening, a meeting between the Los Angeles Lakers facing the Dallas Mavericks.

This event for anyone is very significant and unique, especially if we see that it occurred in a context in which the conditions imposed by the pandemic forced the people present at the matches to be reduced to small groups”Stated Blandón Becerra.

Julián was part of a team made up of 4 lifeguards per game, belonging to AdventHealth Hospital (entity with which he works) who were allowed access to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, in Orlando, Florida, and who were in charge of attending possible health emergencies and the transfer of players in the event of an injury or accident during sports matches.

This 31-year-old professional attended as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) in 15 matches of the regular stage of the 2020 tournament and of the playoff, where he was close to stars like Lebron James or Jayson Tatum. During his work there, he did not have to attend any medical emergency on the field.

Blandón Becerra explained that, although his role had no complications, it was a job that had to accommodate strict biosafety protocols, where every day, before entering the sports complex, he had to take a rapid test for COVID-19 .

Julián has been a graduate of the CES University since 2010, which he came to because of the interest he had in the medical part and the possibility of attending emergencies with the Technology in Prehospital Care.

Upon leaving the program, Julián worked in the Volunteer Firefighters of the Bello municipality, later he was a paramedic for a mining exploration company in southwest Antioquia for two years and was a member of Ambulancias Áreas de Colombia. In 2015 he migrated to the United States as a 24-day visit for tourism in which he decided to stay and which allowed him to work in his area of study.

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