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The Eighteenth Research and Innovation Conference was successfully held at the El Poblado headquarters of the CES University on August 21, 2019. It was an activity in which researchers, students, teachers and administrative staff from the 14 faculties and the service and research centers.

For example, Daniel Zárate, a second-semester biomedical engineering student, was part of the group of students who created a canine nebulizer. The innovation arose from the visits guided by teachers of the Design and Innovation course in which they detected that there was no suitable equipment for the treatment of animals in the Veterinary and Zootechnical Center (CVZ) of the University.

The process was very simple. What we did was adapt an Elizabethan collar, which a dog is used to wearing in a certain way, and combine it with a nebulizer inlet and a CO2 outlet so that all nebulisations can be done by both the owner and the staff of the Center of Veterinary and Zootechnics (CVZ) without having problems or high costs”Daniel explained.

For her part, from the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences, the eighth semester student of Nutrition and Dietetics, Valentina Galindo Barco, presented her artisan bakery brand in which she handles fresh products with quality ingredients without excess sugars. , margarines, used in long-term fermentation processes for better of students who participated in the research and innovation conference of the CES University

The main idea is that we give the population a food with which they can be nourished. They are very thoughtful foods, they all contain whole wheat flour because what we want is to provide the population with fiber, provide vitamins, minerals, and that is why we use very natural fermentation processes so that the nutrients are more available to people.”Added the student.

Also, from the Business Administration program, they presented some of the details of the study on the behavior of the retail trade that they advance from the hand of experts to measure the competitiveness of neighborhood stores against the strategies used by large stores.

We are doing an investigation, a study that knows what the strategic models are and trying to present to different entities that participate in the project of how to strengthen the different merchants”, Explained Luis Alberto Herrera Rodríguez, retail consultant.

Even from the Faculty of Medicine they went to the boxing ring to argue in "combat" about telemedicine models for the burned patient, the design of a cervical collar for immobilization or even a homeostasis project. Those from Law spoke about the line of jurisprudence on the recognition of human rights of the LGTBI community, in Nursing they spoke about the care to reduce the risk of pneumonia, among others.

According to the director of research and innovation of the CES University, Dr. Rubén Manrique Hernández, it was a conference where the commitment of the teaching staff, the enthusiasm and interest of the students and the institutional will to preserve the investigative spirit was evidenced in all areas of knowledge. He recalled that each year 4% of the institution's income is allocated to research and innovation projects.

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