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Photos of student Mateo Castañeda CardonaOne of the reasons why Mateo Castañeda Cardona, a student at the Faculty of Business Administration at CES University, is this week's character is that he is a different example of a person with a disability, in this case , mobility, and because everyone at U sees Mateo in the corridors bothering with his friends, selling sweets and playing Squash with that good vibe that he manages and characterizes.

• What are you studying? "I study business administration. They have always confused me and think that I am a student of Law or Psychology or Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics. But no, business administration is something I like, I am in 5th semester. I go complete, I go with everything, yes, I have such a desire to still stay at the University, I do not want to graduate so quickly”.

• Are you planning to do a postgraduate or a diploma? "When I graduate, I think it is to work, to gain experience to know what I want to specialize in, because I think that when graduating you should try to try in different areas and really know what you are passionate about.”.

• What area of business administration are you focusing on the most? "Marketing, social and business responsibility, corporate reputation and care of the image of companies are attracting my attention.”.

• And why did you decide on business administration and not a different program? "I really don't know, it was something random, I was going to decide on accounting, because I like numbers, but a manager of a large company that I know arrived and he picked me up one morning with a little chat like this: 'see Mateo to you that you like accounting, wouldn't you like something more global, something that you are not locked into only one area, but that you have a world of possibilities? ', and that's where I think I made that decision”.

• And why here at CES University? "I'm sure it turned out here because I knew the teachers and a little the Physiotherapy students at CES, thanks to some physiotherapy programs offered in Envigado, and I liked how they treated and trained them, so it was that's where I started to get interested, and then I realized that the University was offering this career and I said 'there it was’”.Photo by Mateo Castañeda Cardona on CES Radio

• We see you selling candy, playing squash, table tennis and field tennis, what does Mateo like? "I really like to be active, I like to get out of my comfort zone, try new things, be in that constant change and mobility, on the one hand, because it benefits me because of my situation, but I love to feel that adrenaline, to feel satisfied with what that I do, and it allows me to free myself from the stress of college more than anything else.
You have to enjoy life, you have to get the most out of everything, enjoy everything, what is study important? Yes, that family is important? Yes, but you have to take some time for yourself. What I like to do is sports, for others it may be reading or art”.

• What message do you want to leave to those people who see you from a certain distance? "My message is that no matter the condition, you can always be better. You have to try to get out of your comfort zone and look for your own benefit”.

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