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Photo- CES University Facade

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

CES University is the fifth university in Medellín, according to the Ranking Web of Universities, also known as Webometrics. This academic ranking of higher education consists of evaluating the impact of the products on the web of universities around the world.

According to the survey, our University is ranked 21 at the national level and in the world we are ranked 3202.

“The objective is not to evaluate the websites, their design or usability or the popularity of their contents according to the number of visits or visitors. Web indicators are considered proxies in the correct, comprehensive and in-depth evaluation of the university's overall performance, taking into account its activities and products and their relevance and impact ”, according to the official Webometrics page.

This list emerged in 2004 and is updated every six months to report on the performance of universities around the world.

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