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The CES University Founders Library announced some measures on the return of more than 1,000 books and material loaned before March 16, 2020, the day the University closed its doors due to the pandemic.

All books and bibliographic material loaned will have a deadline for delivery on August 1, 2020, this for all students who are still enrolled in the second semester of the year. This deadline can be extended if required and in no case will fines or penalties be applied (except for books that had to be returned to the library before March 16, 2020).

For students who are currently on internships or who are going to the University for any reason, they can return the borrowed material through thereturn mailboxlocated in the external corridor of the library and enabled from the opening hours of the University.

The Fundadores Library, embraced by all the biosafety protocols, is receiving the loaned books and downloading them from the system while they are kept in a quarantine of 15 days, which is how long the virus lasts on paper.”, Said Nora Ledis Quiroz Gil, head of the Fundadores Library.

For their part, people close to degrees or who for some reason need to have peace and security from the library, can also return the bibliographic material through thereturn mailboxand the library will be in charge of processing the corresponding Peace and Salvo.

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