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Photograph of nutritionists from soccer teams

At the time they choose the preparations of the soccer players of the Colombian professional soccer league for each game and seek their well-being and sports health; The nutritionists of the Atlético Nacional, América de Cali and Leones Fútbol Club teams study the first Master's Degree in Sports Nutrition that exists in Colombia and offered by the CES University of Medellín.

For example, Natalia Ceballos is a training soccer nutritionist at Atlético Nacional and one of the 23 students of the master's degree at the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the U. For her, not only the knowledge acquired, but the spaces of the Center of Advanced Studies in Nutrition and Food –CESNUTRAL- has been an added value for their training.

Some formative soccer players have come to take the evaluations at Dexa, at CESNUTRAL, because our research project requires it and obviously I have applied the knowledge learned at the club with the Master in Sports Nutrition”, Highlighted Ceballos.

Photograph of the first nutritionists of the Master in Sports Nutrition

But not only from Antioquia, from the sky branch both América de Cali players and their own dietitian nutritionist, María Camila Mayor, have not wanted to miss the opportunity to complement their training in nutrition and sports assessment alongside high-quality professionals. , to contribute to research projects within the sports club itself.

This University has opened the doors to sports nutrition, opening the first master's degree on this subject, so it is worth it, also because there are many facilities. This allows one to keep reality grounded with the knowledge that is acquired and applied in the workplace.”, Expressed María Camila Mayor.

For his part, Hugo Hoyos, who belongs to the Leones Fútbol Club team in the municipality of Itagüí, highlights that “sports nutrition encompasses too many topics that if one channels them and focuses them properly, ultimately, one will achieve better performance in all athletes. Fortunately we have the opportunity to be in an institution like the CES that supports the process a lot and supports the training process and allows us to apply knowledge”.

The Master in Sports Nutrition received on January 26, 2018 the qualified registration by the Ministry of National Education.

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