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Photo- Nutritionist from FC Barcelona in Spain visited CESNUTRAL

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The sports nutritionist of the Barcelona football team in Spain, Mireia Porta, visited the Poblado headquarters of the CES University, invited by professor Maximiliano Kammerer López, coordinator of the Master in Sports Nutrition at the Faculty of Nutrition and Sciences. the food.

The nutritionist Porta was visiting Medellín to participate in a nutrition congress in which she was the main speaker, so she took the opportunity to see the facilities of the Center for Advanced Studies in Nutrition and Food -CESNUTRAL- at the invitation of teacher Kammerer López .

“Everything has been a surprise, I am pleased to see that there are such good spaces for the development of nutrition students, not only from the pedagogical spaces that are offered to them, but from how well trained teachers are in the area,” said Mireia Holder.

In addition, during her tour of our U, they spoke of possible agreements where Mrs. Porta can accompany graduate students or they can travel to Spain.

"It is very important for us as a city and a faculty to be able to have the presence of a person like Mireia who has so much experience in nutrition and more when it comes to sports emphasis, since we as a faculty have a Master's in Sports Nutrition," said professor Kammerer .

"Sports nutrition is something relatively new but it has been gaining a lot of strength lately in Europe, which is why there is more demand for professionals", concluded Mireia Porta.

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