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Photography: IPS sabaneta

Photography: IPS CES Sabaneta

Since the beginning of August, the IPS CES Sabaneta Dentistry service has progressively resumed all the activities, healthcare and academic, that it provided. These had stopped being offered after the start of the quarantine, to only focus on the dental emergency service.

Services such as orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery and diagnostic aids were once again provided at the IPS headquarters, as well as the internships carried out there by students of the Faculty of Dentistry.

The reopening implied that the IPS and the Faculty of Dentistry carried out training of all the personnel, prior to the beginning of the activities. This is how the care protocol and the proper use of personal protection elements were made known, which were provided by CES University to collaborators, students and teachers.

"Once the trainings were carried out, adherence to the protocol was verified in a practical way to verify that all the necessary precautions were taken and we could provide safe and quality care," said Dr. Mónica Reina Alzate, academic coordinator of the Dentistry service.

On the other hand, the dentistry service encountered challenges due to the time that the service was suspended. The coordinator Reina Alzate pointed out that, upon resuming care, they found that many patients had presented problems in quarantine, such as the treatments that had been paused, and that they could not continue due to the suspension of the service, which affected their evolution.

At the end of August, the reestablishment of external consultations and other services that were restricted was authorized. As of September 1, all treatments were resumed and service provision was normalized.

Reina Alzate stressed that for all health-providing institutions and for CES University, it represents a great commitment to continue with a timely service since Dentistry is a profession that, due to its work, has always been exposed to multiple viruses and bacteria, which which means that biosafety protocols have always been rigorous and, therefore, has allowed them to take on this challenge.

The biosafety protocols to enter the IPS CES Sabaneta require prior registration to the web application CES takes care of me and users must present confirmation of

your appointment on the day of attendance. Permanent use of face masks, face shield, disposable cap, N95 mask, surgical mask, mono glasses, gaiters and double gloves are required for dental care personnel.

Since May 25, the IPS Dentistry service has only been attending emergencies by a teacher from the Faculty of Dentistry.

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