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Dentistry From Your Home is the virtual attention account found on Faceboom and Instagram, led by 12 graduates of the CES University School of Dentistry, a tenth semester student of the same career and an industrial engineer. This was born with the aim of supporting people who have a dental emergency in addition to financially helping dentists in the midst of this contingency that our planet is experiencing.

The 12 graduates are general dentists, but they have the support of specialists in Pediatric Dentistry (a specialty focused on children), endodontics (specialist in pulp / nerve tissue), periodontics (specialist in the gums and bone that supports the teeth ), orthodontics and oral rehabilitators.

Odontología desde tu Casa is a campaign on Instagram and Facebook, the idea is that people who believe they have a dental emergency write a message to these networks and tell what their situation is, in order to be treated by a health professional .

"The most common for what they consult us is for pain related to dental caries that affects the tooth's nerve, for wisdom teeth that are just coming out and bruxism (when teeth are clenched)", said Valentina Rolong Vélez, creator of the project.

The initiative began to work from March 20, the consultations are totally free and to access them it is only necessary to have a device with internet, enter the accountsDentistry From Your Homeon Facebook or Instagram and send them a message with your situation.

We wanted to help our colleagues because the emergency service was collapsing since many people were attending without knowing that it was an emergency really, so we all wanted to take our time and knowledge in order to help and give our grain of sand to those who need it.. " Valentina Rolong Vélez commented.

Photograph of dentists who created the Odontology from your home initiative

Photography: Courtesy Valentina Rolong

The page not only makes inquiries, it is also constantly mounting content such as dental tips, recommendations for good management and oral hygiene, myths vs truths such as the number of times to brush your teeth in a day and at what times , dentistry specialties to understand all the types there are, among others.

"The initiative that our graduates of the Faculty have taken reflects the character and quality of training they had during their careers, it is an altruistic and noble gesture to try to share their wisdom with people who need it at this time, " said Julián Emilio Vélez Ríos, dean of the CES University School of Dentistry.

The consultations do not have a schedule, people can write at any time and will be attended as quickly as possible, in addition, anyone regardless of their age can request the consultation, except for minors who should preferably be made by their guardians.

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