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Photo of participating students of the Oral Quest seedbed

The Oral Quest seedbed of the CES University School of Dentistry, won its third Dental Marathon on April 12, 2019 at the III Meeting of Research Seedbeds 2019, which was held at the Autonomous University of Manizales, where 5 of the 14 students belonging to this group showed all their knowledge and love for their profession: dentistry.

"Belonging to the seedbed of Oral Quest allows us as students to achieve academic achievements and recognition, as in this case the fact of having won the Marathon and leaving the name of our Faculty of Dentistry high," said Mariana Cataño Correa, a student at Dentistry and member of the nursery.

This is a new seedbed, it has been founded for 2 years, exactly in 2016. It is a seedbed that has been evolving and that at this moment is betting on research and innovation with topics that are of interest to students.

Photo of students participating in the Oral Quest seedbed“In this marathon it was a clinical case. It was developed by stations, as an observation race, there they found specific data of the patient and when they finished the race they had to make a treatment plan, and they earned it, ”explained Juliana Sánchez Garzón, the teacher and tutor of the research seedbeds. from the Faculty of Dentistry of the CES University.

This seedbed has won several awards since 2016, all related to the SIFO ACFO seedbed network, from the Colombian Association of Schools of Dentistry 'ACFO', 2 national meetings of research seedlings and 2 regional ones.

"I am very grateful to these boys, for their commitment, for their dedication and because you can see the love they have for this," said Oral Quest tutor Juliana Sánchez, with a great feeling of pride and satisfaction.

For Oral Quest many projects are coming, among them: To continue being the first place in the Dental Marathon at the regional and national level in the network of Research Seedbeds of Dental Schools, SIFO - ACFO. It is an opportunity that students have to challenge themselves in each of the different academic challenges, but even more important is learning to be a united team. And in terms of meetings and research, they have an even greater challenge, and that is to be able to finish the multicenter studies, and to be able to continue working in favor of the research of our Faculty.

In September, this seedbed will be presented at the 31st National Meeting of Schools of Dentistry that belong to the ACFO.

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