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Photograph of the CES University students who attended this health brigade in Chocó

On an ordinary day, Sara Valderrama Marín, a 10th semester of medicine student at CES University and president of the Medical Students Association of the CES University - ACEMCES, and her father Rafael Valderrama, saw the need to travel to the towns victims of Chocó by the floods that occurred in this year 2019, with the intention of providing medical support and humanitarian aid such as markets and household goods to these communities.

This is how the health brigade was born in Chocó, supported by the CES University and a group of adventurers from 'Aventura 4 × 4 Colombia', a tourist agency for tours of Colombia.

Photograph of the health brigade in Chocó

On May 15, sixteen students, from the eighth semester to interns and a doctor who graduated from CES University, accompanied by the staff of 'Aventura 4 × 4 Colombia', got up early, from the city of Medellín, hoping to reach these affected communities and contribute their grain of sand.

When they arrived in Itsmina, municipality of Chocó, there were 38 people on the list to be treated, but as the minutes and hours passed, 320 patients were treated, approximately, until 6:00 pm, without stopping, without lunch and affected by heat stroke.

Within the brigade there were modules of pharmacy, pediatrics and general medicine. The idea was to serve the community, give them the medicines, if they were available. And while Sara and the CES University Medicine students attended, Rafael and his colleagues from 'Aventura 4 × 4 Colombia' went to

towns near Andagoya to distribute all the donations collected; populations that were further destroyed by the floods.

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