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Photography-Pandemic increased 50% animal adoption: professors from CES University

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The pandemic and isolation have increased pet adoptions by 50% in the Aburrá Valley and the municipalities of the Near East, in the months of May, June and July, according to the report of several animal welfare centers, known by psychology teachers and Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics from CES University.

More dogs and cats benefited from adoption in the face of the growing need for a companion at home, but this encouraging reality could have long-term consequences if adoption is not done for the right reasons.

This is expressed by the psychologist Elena Arango Mejía and the veterinary doctor Ana Cecilia Agudelo Pérez, teachers at the Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, who agree that the decision to integrate a new companion at home must be previously consulted and advised. Likewise, to be able to commit and learn fundamental aspects regarding the basic needs of the species that is decided to adopt (dog or cat) so that the bond with it is long-term.

“We need to build a secure bond with the animal, that we have motivations that go beyond emotions or excuses such as having a dog to go outside in quarantine. The benefits of having an animal at home are infinite: it reduces feelings of loneliness, decreases cortisol (a hormone that produces stress), improves our relationships with others, among others. But, you have to be well informed to avoid breaking the previous expectations that lead to a possible later abandonment ”, explained the psychologist Arango Mejía.

And, according to the veterinarian Agudelo Pérez, animal welfare centers such as La Perla in Medellín, should be aware of a possible increase in the abandonment of dogs and cats with the end of the quarantine.

Animal rescue is 3.7 times greater than adoption, so requests to adopt are welcome. But if we are not moved by the correct reasons, pets run the risk of returning to abandonment”Warned teacher Agudelo Pérez.

If you are adopting, keep in mind:

These are some recommendations from the teachers so that the reasons that motivate us to adopt are appropriate:

- Look for it calmly and review our personality to be able to define what species you want (whether dog or cat). It must be understood what the basic needs are, how it is linked and how each species behaves, because in each one it is different.

- Take into account if we recognize and comply with the 5 freedoms that every animal should have: free from hunger and thirst, from pain and disease, from discomfort, free from stress, fear and anguish and that they are free to express their natural behavior.

-Be responsible and consistent when choosing a pet to be part of our family. To be able to learn from their particularities as individuals and provide them with adequate management.

Here are the numbers for some animal welfare centers for those interested in adopting:

La Perla: 3117963457- 3117987303

Itagüí: 3005456177

Barbosa: 3054376046

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