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In order to improve their service and reach excellence, veterinarians and administrative staff of the Veterinary and Zootechnical Center (CVZ) of the CES University, at the Envigado headquarters, are being trained. These trainings were born from the need to make this Veterinary and Zootechnical Center excellent in its service, that the organization of its staff is impeccable and that they have excellent communication with the client.

María Camila Gómez Diaz-granados, CVZ headquarters veterinarian works in the general consultation part and was in the training that was based on strengthening communication with the client, speeding up service execution times and transmitting trust and security.

"We have worked on verbal and non-verbal communication, we have understood the processes and dynamics of service what it implies, having a good personal presentation, a good treatment of the client and having an assertive communication" said the veterinary doctor.

Solángel Ardila, was the facilitator of this first training and says that "This is a first module in which we begin to identify the value points and pain points on which a service is built and on which an excellent experience is built".
Ardila, points out that, with the excellence of the service, the CVZ headquarters of the CES University, becomes a national and international reference, and that the organization can obtain a certification by the user and the company.

Juan Pablo Garcés, Veterinarian who has been working in the hospitalization area for about a year, assures that the pet is also a client and that this relationship has to be further strengthened for it to return. "It is very important that the results are always positive because there are still patients who do not succeed but the owner is reassured that everything possible was done".

Soon for these trainings some additional modules will follow, the idea of these modules is to work as a team, in effective and assertive communication and not only internal but external in the management of the user, concludes Facilitator Solángel Ardila.

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