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The plant was born in 2004 as a result of the need for consumption of culture media by the other areas of the Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine (ICMT), that is, it was for internal use. However, a business opportunity was identified there and began operating for external audiences in 2007.

The infrastructure complies with the conditions for the manufacture of in vitro diagnostic reagents, culture media, in accordance with current INVIMA regulations. In the diagnostic reagent plant, culture media are produced, where the presence of some type of microorganism is evidenced through agar or broth.

Through the plant we have been able to carry out contracts with the Departmental Laboratory of Public Health, different IPS, hospitals, universities, in addition to the maquila service, etc ...”, Stated Verónica Ochoa Sánchez, pharmaceutical chemist and technical director of the plant.ICMT facade photo

The work team is made up of 7 collaborators (3 assistants in the production area, 1 production supervisor, 1 logistics assistant in charge of dispatches and customer service, 1 quality control coordinator and the Technical Director).

Currently, the plant is adapting to manufacture rapid diagnostic tests called Immunotropic, a project led by researcher Miriam Margot Sánchez, one of the Institute's scientists.

At this time we have internal and external clients, we provide services to companies in the health, food, cosmetics and Pharma sectors, in addition to CES projects”Concluded Technical Director Verónica Ochoa.

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