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Currently there are no records or scientific evidence showing that pets are transmitters of diseases or infections to humans. However, there are important practices that we must take into account for the care of everyone at home and to entertain our pets, since the traffic with animals on the streets is restricted.

Mainly, it is necessary to bear in mind all the cleaning instructions with animals: wash your hands before and after touching them, disinfect their toys and the place where they usually sleep and when they return from the street, wash their paws with soap and water, counteracting the effect of disinfectant substances such as alcohol or chlorine, since they are harmful to your skin.

Dr. María Soledad González Domínguez, a specialist in dermatology at the Veterinary and Zootechnical Center (CVZ) of the CES University, recommends applying moisturizing hand cream, coconut or argan oil on the feet of pets, to avoid dryness to cause of the use of other cleaning products.

"If our pet is a dog, we can prepare an area in the house where he can entertain himself, also hide prizes, encourage exploration and the use of smell by inventing interactive toys," said David Solaque Sossa, CVZ veterinarian doctor about the game .

On the other hand, if your pet is a cat you must bear in mind that they are independent and we must not violate their freedom, hoarding them all the time can trigger stress.

“Stress can manifest itself in strange behaviors of the cat such as isolation, going to high or hidden places and avoiding direct contact with humans. It is advisable to observe the behavior and if the problem persists and is accompanied by symptoms such as lack of appetite or loss of appetite, it requires a medical consultation, since stress favors the appearance of diseases ”, added Dr. Carolina Vargas Vélez, specialist in feline medicine.

Finally, it is advisable to limit pet outings to the street as much as possible, only when strictly necessary. And if a visit to the veterinarian is required, the level of urgency must be assessed and the trusted veterinarian must be contacted.

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