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CES Photo at Home - May 2The day has arrived, today, May 2, students, teachers and administrative staff can carry out their activities from their homes using digital tools, thanks to the CES at home initiative: sustainability from virtuality ', led by the Office of Sustainability and Virtual CES.

This conference is being held for the third time, where the idea is to avoid traveling to the University, which contributes to the preservation of the environment by reducing polluting gas emissions, traffic congestion and the carbon footprint.

This version will be attended by the faculties such as Nutrition and Food Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, Sciences and Biotechnology, Engineering and the Graduate School. Teachers and administrators were previously trained, and during the day they will receive support from CES Virtual and Sustainability staff.

"CES at home demonstrates the University's commitment to promoting current study and work alternatives that in turn promote care for the environment," says Alejandra Marín Domínguez, Social Management Coordinator of the University's Sustainability Office. CES.CES Home Photo - May 2

“I have too many expectations with this day, to know if the students will connect, how many will connect and what it will be like. We will have more time. It is an activity where technology will be used for education. And it is going to make me comfortable to work from home and have my little dog by my side, ”said Sara Isabel Sierra González, a professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics.

“I already had the opportunity to have CES at home and it seemed like a very good initiative because it helps us to have a more direct contact with the teacher, to better understand the topic that is being discussed, to communicate with our classmates, and also because it helps a lot the planet in terms of pollution, avoid transportation. And nothing better than being at home, comfortable, very cool, "said Maria Teresa Sabogal Rubio, a third-semester student in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Some of the benefits that this day brings are that you enjoy a greater reconciliation of work / student and family life, because these two areas are better combined and the reduction of travel times between home and the place of work or study.

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