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Pediatric Dentistry

The CES University School of Dentistry celebrated the first 35 years of foundation of the Clinical Pediatric Dentistry and Preventive Orthodontics postgraduate course with its students, teachers, graduates, and management and administrative staff of the institution in a celebration that took place at the Country Club from Medellín.

This program has been in charge of preparing its residents for the comprehensive care of pediatric patients in aspects such as prevention, restoration, orthodontics, trauma, behavior management and hospital management.

In addition, the postgraduate course has delivered to society around 130 graduates who practice in countries such as Ecuador, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico and the United States, as well as in different cities and regions of Colombia.

The ceremony was attended by founders, directors, teachers, graduates and students of the specialization. Dr. Julián Emilio Vélez Ríos, dean of the School of Dentistry, highlighted"We are participants in a great history full of sacrifice, integrity and quality, which is reflected in a postgraduate course with an unbeatable position, recognized not only locally but also nationally and internationally."

The CES University, the School of Dentistry and this specialization paid tribute to Dr. Darío Cárdenas Jaramillo with the presentation of a plaque honoring his dedication, effort, work and enthusiasm in these 35 years. Similarly, the Colombian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry joined the celebration and recognized the work of Dr. Emmery Álvarez Varela, coordinator of the program.

Finally, Dr. Darío Cárdenas Jaramillo expressed“I feel happy and proud that a traditional program based on literature and experiences has grown so much and today has graduated educators, researchers, administrators, etc. that give value and status to the profession ”.

All those who make up the postgraduate program are committed to continuing to work hard to train in this specialty and to project the philosophy of the CES University in all areas that are developed.

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