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CES Virtual summoned the University teachers to participate in the first Virtual Classroom Contest, in order to highlight the incorporation of technologies to support educational processes, in this case, through virtual spaces on the University platform .

Interested teachers applied for their virtual classrooms, which were subjected to a validation of good practices in these digital environments, the qualification criteria were published on the contest microsite.

The contest had 17 applications, where we found high quality classrooms, which denote effort and dedication of the teachers to favor the learning processes in their charge. Next year, within the framework of 15 years of Virtual CES, the second version of this activity will be held, in which we expect a greater number of applications”, Expressed Catalina Calle Pineda, coordinator of the Virtual Education Center.

The first place was received by Manuel Restrepo Restrepo, a professor at the Faculty of Dentistry for the innovative design he made of his classroom, where he used interactive resources, relied on the videoconferencing system, constant monitoring and interaction on the platform was evidenced, with times effective response, training and evaluation activities.

The second and third place went to teachers Ana María Arias Pérez from the Faculty of Physiotherapy and José Fernando Patiño Olaya from the Faculties of Physiotherapy, Dentistry and Sciences and Biotechnology, who had an outstanding performance in their virtual classrooms, adjusted to the standards of pedagogical, instructional and design quality defined to activate a virtual classroom.

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