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The Biomedical Engineering undergraduate at the CES University together with the company Grupo Mercadeo launched GM Care products, solutions that help sectors other than health, to prevent infections and the spread of COVID-19. These products provide protection against direct threats such as drops, saliva, splashes, oil or dust.

A percentage of the profits from the sale of these solutions and products will be allocated to the CES Solidarity Fund, to support students during the second semester of 2020.

One of the products is the Antifluid Mask that is designed under the specifications of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). It is a transparent and smooth facial barrier that covers the entire face, increasing the area of protection, it is also reusable since the material can be washed with chlorine or alcohol and the protection is complemented with the use of face masks. .

The pedal dispenser for antibacterial gel is another fruit of the project. This dispenser is designed to prevent users from having direct contact when needing the antibacterial. This can be a solution to use in elevators, receptions, bathrooms and entrance to establishments.

"From undergraduate Biomedical Engineering, we work with the contribution of knowledge to evaluate solutions, indicate technical requirements, guide the use and provide support in relation to current procedures, in order to achieve a production and commercialization of products that serve to attend to the contingency generated by COVID-19 in the country and in the world ”, commented Carolina Salazar López, professor of Biomedical Engineering.

Another solution it offers are anti-fluid shields that can be installed in receptions, in supermarket checkouts, offices, public transport and common areas. The shield is transparent and prevents direct attacks of any substance or fluid, in addition to serving as a separator for social distancing.

Finally, the covid-19 control point is a system for the identification of people who enter a place, it automatically takes the temperature while the person washes and disinfects their hands. This allows an automatic access control with the security measures that fit into the biosafety protocols and allows data recording.

People who want to inquire about other GM Care products can do so through theWeb page.

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