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foto Professor of Dentistry CES attends harvest of the best exotic coffee in the world

Photography: Courtesy Samuel Roldán

Between probes, drills, tweezers and burs, all of them dental tools, Samuel Roldán Restrepo combines his profession as a dentist, teacher and researcher at CES University with his passion for coffee growing. Now he is preparing, like the hundreds of coffee growers in the country, for the coffee harvest in the midst of a new 'normal' for him and the sector in general, on account of the coronavirus pandemic.

While from Monday to Friday he combines teaching and research at the CES University School of Dentistry and the Head and Neck Bioengineering Research Group, the weekend comes where he leaves behind the gown, for the hat, boots and the horse to dedicate them to their coffee terroir.

Since 2006, Roldán began the coffee cultivation and research work on the Santa Elena farm, in the municipality of Ciudad Bolívar where he dedicates himself to his brand Café Roldán, together with his wife and two daughters. At the same time, he researches and patents new devices to correct jaw problems or measure the force of the bite. Because of a relative, who taught him about the sector to later apply scientific methods, today he is recognized in the world, yes, in the world.

With technology students, undergraduates, masters and doctorates from other universities in the department such as Antioquia, Nacional and Eafit among others, Roldán Restrepo has developed all kinds of techniques and processes to obtain quality coffee. For example, processes related to prolonged fermentations, Honney and Natural and drying processes with controlled atmospheres, which lead to a product desired by international markets.

El YARA 2019

Thanks to this double 'militancy', this professor from the Faculty of Dentistry received in 2018 the award for the best cup in Colombia among 271 of the best coffees in the country, in one of the most competitive categories of a contest organized by a multinational company.

From the coffee he grows with his family in the southwest of Antioquia, he obtained an excellent rate that earned him first place in the Exotic Coffee category, in the Yara Champion Program. It was a contest that brought together the best grain producers in the country in the city of Popayán in March of that year.

To achieve recognition, this orthodontist with the spirit of a coffee grower used the ancient varieties of coffee with which Colombia made its name, such as Caturra, Borbón and Typica (Pajarito). These species are considered more delicate, but when combined with beneficiation and drying processes with controlled temperatures, they gave the best cup with a score of 90.13, for the first time recorded in Antioquia.

"We did not spray with insecticides in our field, with a product that controls the CBB, attracting the insect and drowning it in a glass, without the need to use pesticides and insecticides," explained Roldán Restrepo, also a researcher and academic.

Additionally, this project is based on the principles of "TRIPLE SUSTAINABILITY", where it uses friendly practices with the environment, for which they have developed pheromones, traps and ecological products and in turn implements social programs of collection and support to the community, mainly education in your region.

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