Serving others, under that philosophy, the same one that led them to pursue a university degree and contribute in their role to society in general, professionals graduated from different disciplines of the CES University, decided to donate their time and knowledge in virtual appointments, in exchange for helping the vulnerable population of the Aburrá Valley during the health emergency due to the coronavirus.

It is a group of 14 graduates of the institution, including doctors, dentists, psychologists who decided to donate their consultation spaces to attend virtual appointments without any specific charge. Cardiologists, gynecologists, dermatologists, pediatric dentists, endodontists, periodontists, stomatologists, maxillofacial surgeons and even a master's degree in Children's mental health are part of the profile of the volunteers.

The specialists invited patients to make a voluntary contribution to the campaignTies that bring hope, led by the CES University, to bring markets to 922 street vendors throughout the Aburrá Valley, benefiting 3,867 people (the families of those 922 informal vendors), most of them older adults, affected by the mandatory isolation in Medellín and the municipalities of your metropolitan area.

"It is a very generous gesture on your part, because not only street vendors benefit, but also all those patients, who will be able to access care with specialists, since they will pay rates that are within their reach in this time of pandemic" , commented Marcela Lopera Londoño, coordinator of the CES University Graduate Office.

To request the appointment, patients coordinate the hours of operation with the specialist. Once the voluntary contribution has been made, the service is provided through the secure platform of HolaDr., The university business initiative (Spin Off) of the University, Salud Sura and Intergrupo and that has the scientific endorsement of the Colombian Society of Pediatrics (SSP). It can be downloaded free of charge in the stores of the iOS and Android operating systems.

“Professionals attend to their patients through HolaDr. in a safe and timely manner, complying with current legal regulations in Colombia. It is done according to a prior appointment schedule made with the patient ”, detailed Tatiana Molina Velásquez, head of the U. Sustainability Office. Photograph of dentistry students in class

Since the quarantine was decreed by the national government, the company emergedTies that bring hope, of the social program that the University has calledTies.From mid-March to date, 2,881 markets have been delivered to 922 street vendors, 26% heads of households and older adults. In addition, the initiative set a new goal, to bring 2,000 lunches to the street dwellers of Medellín.

Voluntary contributions are made in thesavings account Bancolombia No. 333821834-02On behalf of the CES University. If people or other professionals from other higher education institutions want to be linked, they will be able to consulate in the

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