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The CES Verde program of the CES University virtual radio station, CES Radio, was nominated for the Corantioquia Life Distinction Awards, in the Environmental Journalism category with its program Anorí: Ciencia y Paz.

Life Distinction is the highest recognition that the Corantioquia regional autonomous corporation makes to natural persons, non-profit organizations and public or private institutions, for the actions carried out in favor of the conservation of environmental heritage.

Photo of members of the work table of the CES verde radio program

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

Mariana Giraldo Aristizábal, a biologist graduated from CES University and EIA University, founder of CES Verde and spokesperson for the radio program team, commented on the special broadcast that is part of the programs that are broadcast every Thursday at 8:00 a.m. am on CES radio.

“A work carried out among scientists, including professors from our University, and former FARC combatants in the municipality of Anorí, was given visibility, within the framework of the BIO Expeditions, in which new species were discovered and registered for science and zone. The most beautiful message we got from this program is that creating bonds of trust between ex-combatants and the civilian population is possible, ”commented biologist Giraldo Aristízabal.

44 projects were nominated for the award and CES Verde with its program, Anorí: Ciencia y Paz, was nominated for the award.

The ceremony will take place on September 25 at the Orquídeorama of the Botanical Garden, Joaquín Antonio Uribe, in Medellín.

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