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He Maw for Conservation Project is an initiative between the Faculty of Sciences and Biotechnology and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics. This project seeks to support small student investigations that can generate great impact, not only from veterinary medicine but also from biology and ecology.

The support of this initiative with the projects ranges from advice with experts, supplies, transportation or even support with financial resources. In addition, the two fundamental components of the Maw Project are: fauna and flora conservation, and the social component for environmental education projects.

Currently, a team of Project professionals is carrying out activities at the Hacienda Cuba, located in the municipality of Montelíbano, Córdoba, where they have carried out inventories of mammals and birds, in addition to finding a species of Zamia, which is a plant with a very high vulnerability in terms of conservation, according to Janeth Pérez García, professor of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics and Coordinator of the Fauces Study Group

The idea at Hacienda Cuba is to be able to carry out environmental education with children from the school that is located near the farm. Also this year with the Biology students the insect inventory will be carried out”Said the teacher.

It is important to inform that FAUCES for conservation receives donations and according to Janeth: “University employees or external persons who want to donate on a monthly basis, can request the FAUCES Project for conservation a certification for the reduction of the income statement”, Pointed out Pérez García.

People who are interested in the FAUCES for Conservation Project can write to the emails: (Janeth Perez García) (Nancy Zamudio Zuluaga) (Juliana Cardona Duque)

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