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Halloween photography

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A chilling outlook is looming for the costume party or Halloween celebration in Colombia this October 31, not only because of the restrictions against the ghost of COVID-19 that haunts everywhere, but also because of the diseases that generate more than one fright by the consumption in excess of sweets, especially, for the little ones.

Although it is probable that this year the superheroes will not come out of their 'baticuevas' to avoid contact with the 'monster' SARS-CoV-2; A 'justice league' made up of professionals from various health areas from the CES University of Medellín, teach with their 'superpowers' the recommendations to take into account to 'combat' all evils this day.

For example, if children do not want to be Willy Wonka on Halloween, Dr. Manuel Restrepo Restrepo, a professor at the School of Dentistry warns that due to the consumption and excessive exposure of sugars it is possible that an accumulation of plaque occurs on the teeth produced due to inadequate or insufficient oral hygiene, which could lead to a chronic disease: tooth decay.

“The sugars will come into contact with the bacteria that are normally in our mouth, they will ferment, they will generate acids and consequently they will dissolve the mineral structure of the tooth. However, it is important to recognize that the chronic consumption of this type of food such as sugars is not only associated with dental caries, but also with overweight and cardiovascular diseases ”, explained Dr. Restrepo Restrepo.

But if it's about looking like princesses or looking like the scariest of villains: watch your makeup! The dermatologist at the CES Clinic, María Fernanda Corrales Sierra, emphasizes that the use of cosmetics that are used can be dangerous. Those of adults or that are not of natural origin can lead to injuries, burns and irritation in children.

"These make-ups can bring risks to the skin, especially the skin of children that is so sensitive, developing allergies, breakouts and other manifestations such as acne in those who have oilier skin or who are entering adolescence. It is very important that when the products are removed, we must hydrate the skin and moisturize it adequately ”, explained the dermatologist.

Like them, other professionals at CES University invite people to stay at home. They gave other recommendations to avoid parents 'a night of terror'.

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