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One of the 5,902 students who attend virtual classes at CES University is Santiago Zuluaga Rada, who is in the first semester of Medicine. He assures that the methodology is essentially the same as face-to-face because there are days where, without leaving home, he goes organized in front of his screen from 6:00 am to 12:00 m to the digital classrooms. It has been fun for him to attend subjects like Anatomy, which in the past were believed to be better face-to-face.

“We have seen various kinds of Anatomy. One would think that suddenly it would be difficult because Anatomy is looking at a lot physically as what is being learned, but thanks to the fact that one can share a screen in Zoom, the teacher has an application where she shows us each of the muscles, the bones of the subject that we are looking at, so it has been simple ”, commented the medical student.

For their part, in other accents and dialects, teachers also live their classes every day. Between verbs, sentences, readings and games, Isabel Gómez Bedoya, is one of the 31 teachers of the University Language Center, she connects every day to see on the other side of the screen, some of the 700 students who enrolled in languages under this modality.

screenshot of virtual class dictated by Zoom

Photography: Courtesy CES Virtual

“The students have been very participative, and the experience has been very good. They have understood the contingency and have committed to the quality of their classes. When there was a problem on the platform or with a student who did not understand very well how to participate, these problems could be solved quickly and with the good participation of the majority, it helps to motivate the others ”, said the English teacher.

In total, the University offers 15 undergraduate courses, more than 60 in postgraduate courses plus the offer in continuing education, all of it in virtual mode since March 17 and to date, due to the contingency generated by COVID-19 in the country .

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