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March was key for the CES Clinic. After the audit of the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance, INVIMA, the Clinic received the recertification in Good Manufacturing Practices for Medicinal Gases

room with a gas cylinder and some electrical boxes

Photography: CES Clinic

until 2024, which guarantees that the medicinal airs produced and administered meet the quality standards for patient care.

This recertification is an achievement for the CES Clinic, because it reaffirms its commitment to excellence and high-quality patient care.

What are medicinal gases?

Medicinal gases are drugs in gaseous form that are used in therapeutic and surgical procedures. At the CES Clinic they produce: medicinal air, carbon dioxide and oxygen.

The gases are used to provide life support to patients who are connected to mechanical respiration, in the pandemic this medical resource has been essential to treat patients hospitalized for Covid-19. Additionally, the use of medicinal gases allows diagnostic imaging tests, fulfilling the role of a dilator, to improve the vision of the required area.

The production and guarantee of medicinal gases is achieved thanks to the joint work of the pharmaceutical chemists, biomedical engineers and the maintenance personnel of the CES Clinic, responsible for the proper functioning of the Medicinal Air Production Center, its equipment and the verification of air quality produced batch by batch on a permanent basis.

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