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In the midst of the pandemic, the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the CES University created a recipe book of healthy and easy-to-cook meals for Colombian households, with highly nutritious and inexpensive foods.

“The recipe book Recommendations, tips and recipes for cooking at home is a virtual document developed for the implementation of a healthy diet with high nutritional value at home. It was created in May 2020 with the initiative that families have different strategies to eat properly while staying at home, ” said David Cardona Gallo, chef and teacher at the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences.

The distribution of the recipe book began in the universities that make up the G8 of Medellín, (CES University; Eafit University; University of Medellín; National University Medellín headquarters; University of Antioquia; EIA; UPB and Lasallian University), which used the recipe book as a guide for the purchase of markets that were distributed in the mandatory quarantine.

The recipe book has 51 pages where not only recipes are exposed, it also has four sections that contain recommendations, tips and recipes. The first is called "Before anything else" and helps the reader to purchase and select food. In this same section you will find the classification of the food groups.

Within the recipe section, simple and nutritious dishes are implemented that help to fall in love with traditional cuisine. The rice with creamy egg, of agile preparation, only requires egg, cheese, rice, coriander and onion, making this an exquisite Colombian dish. In addition, different recipes such as the Creole potato omelette, torticas de caleo, pico de gallo with chickpea, among others.

Additionally, within this are the ideal techniques in the kitchen for preparation, which gives tips for boiling, roasting, sautéing and sautéing some foods in the kitchen.

“From the cookbook, we invite people to learn about the food and nutrition process, which begins from the production of food and ends when the nutrients contained in it are ingested and absorbed. In addition, it is important because it helps people to understand what foods are available, how to select them and how they should be prepared in order to ensure that the feeding process ends in good nutrition, ”said Sandra Ivonne Pérez Sierra, a teacher at the Faculty.

The recipe book is virtual and can be found by entering the official website of the CES University or in the followinglinkHere you can download different recommendations for buying food and cooking healthy.

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