CES University student, the best among 60 participants in the IV version of the Psychology Olympics.

Leandro Murillo Cuartas, a student at the CES University School of Psychology, obtained first place in the IV version of the Psychology Olympics organized by the Antioquia-Colombian College of Psychologists Chapter, together with his colleague Luis Carlos Velez Múnera, from the University of Antioquia.

After three phases, the final of the Olympics was carried out, which was based on a bank of questions from Spanish schools of psychology. Representative authors of the profession, milestones and psychological terms, types of phobias and topics related to neuropsychology and physiology were investigated.

"For the contest, I reviewed some of the topics that I received in my training at the faculty, in addition to the fact that my partner and I were able to work harmoniously as a team, we constantly shared bibliography and knowledge," said Leandro Murillo Cuartas.

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