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Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, rector of the CES University, will be at University Branding as representative for Colombia among the directors of educational institutions in Spain, Argentina and Peru who will speak in a round table about the positioning of the university brand and its influence on the employment opportunities of students.

The event, which will take place in virtual training on November 26, 2020, is organized by Universia Global, one of the largest cooperation networks between higher education institutions in the world focused on Latin American institutions.

This is a recognition for the University and not so much for the rector. Because it highlights the management that we all do in the positioning of the CES brand. With our participation, opportunities are opened for the institution to have an international insertion”, Expressed Dr. Osorio Gómez.

According to the organization of the event, the positioning of the brand as a central theme revolves around evaluating how the corporate identity is received by the target audience of the institutions. In the case of a University, the way in which students, companies and the community in general (target audience) receive the representative values (brand) that educational organizations want to consolidate is evaluated.

The particular event will focus on talking about how that corporate identity affects the employment opportunities of its graduates.

A university should not worry about the training of students, but also about insertion in the community, and that is achieved by positioning a brand focused on the prestige that is built every day committed to the quality of our services”Added the rector of the CES University.

At the round table, Dr. Osorio Gómez will be accompanied by Andrés Velarde Talleri, rector of the Universidad Privada del Norte de Perú and Maria Belén Mendé Fernández, rector of the Universidad Siglo 21 de Argentina.

In this link , those who want to be part of the event can register.

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