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Remodeling of the infrastructure of the IPS CES Sabaneta

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

With the intention of improving the service and attention to users of the IPS CES Sabaneta, remodeling work began in the Cashier and Billing areas located in the main entrance hall.

The manager of the service center, Dr. Andrés Vélez Vélez said: "With this change we seek to streamline the procedures for users and patients who visit us in any of the services and thus not have to wait so many lines.

In the IPS CES Sabaneta the moment of payment is divided into two stages: one of billing where the total value of the account to be covered is reported and another where it is canceled. The idea is to integrate these two processes, which will avoid a step for the user.

The construction will last approximately 2 months, Elías Álvarez, the engineer in charge of the work, said that in addition to restructuring the budget area, an optician will be installed in the remaining space.

Until mid-April, the staff of the administrative area of the Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine - ICMT- and users who wish to visit these facilities must enter through the access to the dental clinic, since direct entry is closed.

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