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Photography: Courtesy Paola Sánchez

During 2021, the representation of students and teachers before the Academic Council of the CES University will be guided by a doctoral student in Health Sciences and a teacher from the Faculty of Nursing.

The first session with the Academic Council was held the second week of February and was attended by representatives and faculties of the institution. The meeting was held in order to contextualize the leaders about the work and initiatives of the U.

This year the representatives plan to implement new measures that help to visualize the university community before the Academic Council, placing greater emphasis on factors that for them are little treated due to the change from face to face to virtuality.

We seek to understand the dynamics of the University and its reason for being, and to the extent that it is generated, critically transferring to teachers the academic foundation of its reason for being. In addition to the above, serve as a bridge between the educational concerns and the Academic Council, understanding the new social and learning forms derived from the pandemic”, Expressed José Andrés Chaves Acosta representative of teachers.

From the meetings with the Academic Council, the representatives hope to be the voice of those academic foundations that have to be strengthened. In addition, Paola Sánchez Zapata aims to have more postgraduate and doctoral students seen on her behalf.

From my participation as a student representative, I am going to enhance research focused on postgraduate degrees, taking more benefits from research opportunities, which, sometimes, due to lack of resources, are limited”, Said Sánchez, a student representative.

The proposals of the two leaders are aimed at having a space for open discussion, where the university is built and the active participation of students and teachers is promoted. Additionally, they are open for any thoughts, requests and opinions that they wish to share with you.

It should be noted that the election of the two representatives took place in 2020 where 2,757 people voted, and that in the course of 2021 their action plan will be given in the representation of each one.

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