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Photograph of resident María del Mar with Othello participantsMaría del Mar Arango, a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and now a resident of Psychiatry at CES University, was awarded the José Félix Patiño Prize by the Colombian Association of Clinical Nutrition 'Description of the prevalence of chronic malnutrition in relation to the consumption of food groups, in child victims of the armed conflict in Colombia'.

This recognition was given at the National Congress of Clinical Nutrition that was held in the city of Cartagena - Colombia in May 2019. There, resident Arango had the opportunity to present her poster and research, where she participated with different health professionals such as clinical nutritionists.

This research deals with 125 children who have been victims of the armed conflict, they are a vulnerable population group due to poor access to food that is a good source of protein or micronutrients, such as milk, eggs, vegetables, and fruits.

Photograph of resident María del Mar with her research poster

"Making this problem visible is one of the main professional objectives that I have, because as a doctor and psychiatry resident, I show in my daily clinical practice the effects of chronic malnutrition on the cognitive capacity of our population," the resident said. of Psychiatry Arango.

To achieve this, the resident was never alone, the Faculty of Medicine of the CES University and the Center for the Evaluation of Health Technology - CETES - have been a fundamental support since the idea was born until now, where clinical validations are being carried out. of all his study, where the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine of our U.

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