Medellín, March 19, 2021

Dear university community,

After a year of facing the health emergency generated by COVID-19, which affected the entire world, we have seen that more and more government entities have been reactivating the sectors of our country as the cases of contagion and the vaccination process advances in the territories. This has allowed us to continue returning with our daily actions, being careful in making decisions thinking about the well-being and health of our university community for a safe return with controlled spaces.

For this reason, below I am going to list the changes and actions that will begin to be implemented at the El Poblado headquarters for the safe return to face-to-face activities under the alternation model as of March 23, 2021:

1. We continue with the measurement of Peak and Faculty for students and the use of classrooms and laboratories. ( see peak image and faculty )

The Fundadores Library will have a capacity to receive 170 people. This is a space that has been enabled so that students, teachers and the community in general can stay to develop their academic activities.

2. We invite our collaborators and teachers to return to their work from the presence, as long as they comply with the allowed capacity of the spaces of the CES University. Click here to find out the capacity of each space in the El Poblado headquarters. We remind you that the return and face-to-face development of administrative activities must be agreed with the immediate boss.

As measures of respect, healthy coexistence and biosecurity, it is recommended to be prudent with the consumption of food in offices and meeting spaces, it is invited to do so in outdoor spaces.

The CES Guillermo Cárdenas Jaramillo Theater and the Aula Máxima Alfonso Escobar Rojas will be enabled for the development of events, with a capacity of 60% of their installed capacity.

3. We have updated the biosafety protocols, these apply to all the headquarters of the CES Organization, that is, the Poblado campus, CVZ and the IPS CES Sabaneta:

  1. Diligence the CES application takes care of me before entering.
  2. Properly use the mask covering nose and mouth, if it is disposable, that the eyelashes are down. It must be of constant use within the University and in the workplace.
  3. Continue with constant hand washing.
  4. Keep the spaces airy with the windows open.
  5. Maintain physical distancing, always with 2 meters of separation between people.
  6. Respect the signage of the chairs in the classrooms, as well as the location of the tables and chairs in the cafeterias, doctor's offices, Theater, Aula Máxima and other spaces in the venues.We must all comply with the biosecurity protocols inside and outside of the headquarters. The Administrative Coordination and the Occupational Health and Safety area will be vigilant of compliance through different tours of the headquarters of the CES Organization. However, we invite teachers and administrative staff to be overseers and in case of non-compliance to report to the deans, managers, directors or heads of area. People who do not comply or violate the stipulated biosafety protocols could be immersed in disciplinary processes established by the institution.

4. Regarding the return of office items for people who re-enter the University and who require the transportation service, they must request this support in advance by sending an email to:

Employees who do not require transportation must request the authorization of entry and registration of the belongings to the corresponding headquarters, to the

5. The transport service of the university bus will be reactivated as of Monday, April 5, as well as the services of the Try my ride application. ( see image Try my ride ) ( see image institutional transport route )

6. Sports, cultural, artistic and social and psychological support activities have been reactivated gradually in person, complying with the biosafety protocols, under the coordination and programming of the Office of Institutional Welfare.

7. All the restaurants of the CES University, El Poblado headquarters were informed that they are authorized to reopen. The spaces will have a capacity and entry control for the general public, for that reason we request to comply with the authorized capacity of these areas.

Our neighbor Monticello will also be open to the entire university community with its cafeteria and restaurant service.

8. Only the parking lot of Building B.

Making our University and its service centers safe spaces is everyone's responsibility, remember that you take care of yourself and others.

Kind regards,

Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez
CES University Rector

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