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The Globalization Research Group (GEOCES), of the Delta Thought Center, works in several lines such as: Internationalization of education, sustainability and Innovation, seeking the generation and dissemination of knowledge, with the purpose of having an impact on decisions of organizations in general.

The article named "Globalization and the path to sustainability at CES University" It was published in September in the Argentine digital magazine Gerencia Ambiental. This article tells about the trajectory that the institution has had to orient itself towards sustainability as a transversal strategy. The Sustainability Office was created in 2017 and in two years it has achieved impacts in the three dimensions of sustainability and the contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as a global agenda.

At the same time, the International Cooperation area was created in the Office of Global Affairs, which contributed to the joint definition of areas of trajectory of the CES University that comply with their contribution to the SDGs, in accordance with the experiences of the different faculties and dependencies. A necessary identification for participation in the world of international cooperation and that today is part of the international portfolio.

Screenshot of the publication in Gerencia Ambiental magazine

Photo: Environmental Management Magazine

“The University has sustainability in its DNA and now, with the 2020 agenda and articulation with global issues, we seek to generate and make the positive impacts on the social, environmental and economic aspects much more visible. This article was a summary of what we are doing ” , commented Tatiana Molina Velásquez, Head of Sustainability at CES University.

"This article would be of interest to the university community because, in addition to reflecting new knowledge developed at the CES University, it allows us to understand the natural interactions of international cooperation with sustainability as a cross-cutting issue" , complemented Dinah Roll Vélez, leader of the GEOCES group and coordinator of International Cooperation of the CES University.

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