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Photography: CES Magazine

Photography: Clara María Mira González

Magazine CES Law from the Faculty of Law of the CES University was indexed in category C by Colciencias, the department of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation that is in charge of the academic classification of specialized magazines in the country.

CES Law was created in 2005 by members of the Law School interested in creating a space for discussion with informed opinions, data and facts focused on legal issues.

To date, it has published 11 volumes, with 2 annual numbers, and has touched on topics such as the rights of victims, gender representation, copyright in Colombia and the recognition of the rights of the LGTBI community.

Few law journals achieve category C indexing, which is one of the initial indexing categories. This is very important because the journal obtains a higher level of scientific accreditation and will allow us to have more authors among our pages, since they prefer to write in magazines of this type.”, Explained Clara María Mira Gonzáles, Research Coordinator of the Faculty.

An indexing is the process by which an academic publication obtains an endorsement of its contents by being endorsed by an entity that recognizes the rigor with which they are created and endorses them as reliable sources before students, teachers and researchers who consult its pages.

I feel very satisfied and I acknowledge Dra. Clara María Mira González: this is the result of her dedication to the magazine in her capacity as editor. This is an achievement for the Faculty and therefore for its teachers and students who have a quality magazine that gives us visibility and recognition.”, Expressed Dr. María Jael Arango Barreneche, dean of the Faculty of Law.

In January 2020, the process that granted the indexation to CES Law began; Some of the criteria that were evaluated to qualify it was that it had a high visibility index, which means that the journal is cited and is notable in the consultations that are made on legal issues. Last September it obtained the recognition where it was notified that the category in which it had been valued was C.

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