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An agreement between the CES Universities, the University of Sonora, Mexico, and the University of Nantes, France, will benefit a number of the magazine CES Psicología special edition on environmental psychology.

Environmental psychology deals with the influences of environments on human experiences, as well as the influence that people exert on environments. The relevance of this area of psychology is given by the need to increase awareness and collective and institutional action against the deterioration of the planet.

This monographic issue will delve into issues related to the interaction between people and the environment, both from a risk and vulnerability perspective, as well as well-being and mental health.

"We hope that the number of articles will be approximately 12, and Colombian, French, Mexican, Spanish, German and Italian researchers will participate, who today are part of this network of environmental psychology," said the dean of the Faculty of Psychology of the CES University , Diego Alveiro Restrepo Ochoa.

Those who lead the project and will also be editors are doctors César Tapia Fonllem from the University of Sonora, Mexico, and Dr. Óscar Navarro Carrascal from the University of Nantes in France. The magazine is expected to go into circulation in the second half of 2020.

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