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As of November 2019, CES University employees can belong to Rótalo's “community of trust”, a digital platform where they can sell, exchange, buy, auction or give away goods with ease and ease.

“In order to belong to this community, there must be an agreement between the CES University and Rótalo; It is only accessed with the institutional mail and the idea of belonging to the trusted community is that it is known to whom it is being bought or to whom it is being sold, so when you offer your products through Rótalo, the name and company in which it appears works ”, said Margarita Henao Arroyave, head of Treasury of the CES University.

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Photography: Rótalo website

For greater security and confidence, no financial transactions will be made on this platform, nor will any type of commissions be generated; The way to pay or receive money is agreed with the person from whom it is sold or bought, as well as the delivery of the product.

The collaborator who requires some type of financing, the virtual platform will also have a tool where credits and loan simulators are offered according to the term and amount needed.

If you want to belong to the “trusted community”, enter the following link, register with the CES University institutional email and you can start being part of Rótalo.

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