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The academic route is an initiative that the San Buenaventura University of Cartagena began in 2018, with the purpose that its Physiotherapy students get to know different cultures, contexts and ways of learning in their area. This 2019 the academic route was made in Medellín, Antioquia, and one of the universities they visited was the CES University.

“The intention is that the student can have a broader vision of what the San Buenaventura University of Cartagena can offer and also understand that the contexts, the regions with their culture and their traditions are different and that each university offers according to those contexts ”, expressed Patricia Echavez Rodríguez, director of the Physiotherapy program at the San Buenaventura University of Cartagena.

Fisioterapeutas de Cartagena in the U.CES

Photos: Organizational Communication Office

This route lasted 5 days, where they spent a full day at the CES University visiting the physiotherapy room, the Founders Library and simulation laboratories; In the afternoon they were at the IPS CES Sabaneta where they participated in a practical activity in the Movement Analysis Laboratory and had interaction with Physiotherapy practitioners of the U. CES.

The remaining days 25 and 26 October they visited other universities and cultural activities to get to know the city.

“We have a feeling of gratitude that they chose to come visit our program. For us it is a pleasure to receive them since this allows the students of the Physiotherapy program of the San Buenaventura University to have contact with our teachers and students ”, concluded the head of Physiotherapy at the CES University, Claudia Bibiana García Paz.


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