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Photograph of the rector of the CES University, Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez and the director of the efr initiative, Roberto Martínez Fernández

efr , Family Responsible Companies, is an international movement that is concerned with advancing and providing responses in terms of responsibility and respect for the reconciliation of family and work life, and aims to reverse or change the socio-labor model that exists in some countries.

This initiative responds to a new socio-labor and business culture based on flexibility, respect and mutual commitment, which is currently implemented in companies in more than 20 countries worldwide, with Colombia being the second country with the most efr certifications, after Spain.

The director of the efr initiative, Roberto Martínez Fernández, said “Our mission is to become the reference for organizations that want to generate this change. Many organizations have internalized that they need to change, but they need a tool that leverages them and allows them to carry out that management. And that is the space that efr wants to cover within the world of management, specifically in the area of talent and human management ”.photograph of the rector of the CES University and the director of the EFR initiative

CES University is the third university in Colombia and the first in Antioquia to be certified, and it decided to join the more than 600 certified companies worldwide, because the academy plays a very important role. On the one hand, because the fact of being certified implies that its collaborators and professionals live well-being, but also because it is a transmission belt towards the business world, towards society.

"I believe that the certification to the CES University is for us a great step forward in Antioquia, in the sense that our initiative is better known," said director Martínez.

Being an efr company brings many benefits, among them are the reputation of the brand in the internal public, it allows better attracting talent, sustainability and social responsibility, and improves the commitment of its collaborators and that in turn translates into better results.

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