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A 50% scholarship in the second language, discounts for the CES University gym, $ 6,500 per day to buy in our different cafeterias and preferential rate in the Institution's own transport, are some of the benefits that the University offers to students. Generation E students.

Generación E is a program of the Ministry of Education that began in 2019 and replaced the 'Ser pilo paga' program. This new initiative supports the entry of young people to higher education, benefiting them with 100% of the tuition fee and with a maintenance fee ranging between 1 and 3 SMMLV to each of the applicants who meet basic conditions.

"The requirements to access Generation E are the results in the Saber Pro 11 tests, that is, the ICFES score must be equal to or greater than 359 points, and be registered in the national database of the Benefit Selection System for Social Programs (SISBÉN) with a score equal to or less than 57 ” , expressed Carolina Cardona Álvarez, social worker for Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development at CES University.

If you are one of these students, you have until August 15, 2019 to legalize this scholarship before the University, ICETEX and the Ministry of Education. If it is not legalized on time, the student loses the entire scholarship.

The CES University in the 2019 semester - 1 received 8 students, with the previous strategy, 'Being pilo pays', the CES University received approximately 517 students in total.

Go ahead and be one of the new students entering 2019 -2 thanks to the program


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