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Juan Carlos Villadiego is the first graduate of the CES Son of Employee Scholarship. Juan Carlos, obtained his undergraduate degree in Psychology on July 18. This scholarship started 5 years ago and currently has 4 beneficiaries from different careers: Nutrition and Dietetics, Psychology, Business Administration and Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics. The next call opens in October 2019.

It is a scholarship that covers 100% of the tuition fee and additionally offers, through the CES Solidarity Fund, support for transportation, food, and loan of technological implements. Also, through the sponsor plan they help students with uniforms and gowns.

"The average to maintain the scholarship must be equal to or greater than 3.5, they must attend the accompaniment that we have from Institutional Welfare and they must attend all the classes that the Faculty schedules and all the activities", expressed Carolina Cardona Álvarez, social worker and leader of the University Social Promotion of the Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development area of the CES University.

This scholarship is aimed at all employees of the Institution who meet specific conditions, the main ones are: earn a salary of less than 4 legal minimum wages in force and that the time of connection with the institution is at least 5 years.

The student must go through the admission process to the program of interest because the application for the scholarship and the admission process are completely different processes. There are two modalities in which you can apply for the scholarship, as a new student and as an old student.


Graduation photo Juan Carlos Villadiego

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