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The first 22 Masters in Sports Nutrition graduated in Medellín, the only one of its kind in Colombia, offered by the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the CES University.

María Camila Mayor, a nutritionist for one of the professional soccer teams in Cali, was one of the students who, in the company of her classmates housed in small squares on their computer screen, celebrated their degree in an unusual way in a ceremony held this Wednesday. July 15, from the comfort of your homes, offices and places of stay. Nutritionists from professional soccer clubs, universities, and private clinics were among the graduates, from various regions of the country.

“I am glad that the Master's program has a focus on research and innovation and that it is very supportive of students. The fact that you have people who help you to confirm indications that you do not know if there is a good interpretation, if when you put it into practice it is right or not, they are people who help you to confirm what you do, advise you on what you do What you can improve and also having colleagues who are related areas allows you more confidence ”, expressed the new Master in Sports Nutrition.

Among the outstanding investigations of the first group of the Master's Degree there is an evaluation of different formulas for predicting body composition in Colombian Professional Soccer players; the evaluation of changes in body composition in physically active people through supplementation protocols and the use of DEXA cameras, among others.

The field of the master's degree in Sports Nutrition allows you to participate in care programs for people who perform physical activity and sports. They are also important for the management of development and research projects and the creation of national and international knowledge, as well as in the advice and design of nutritional strategies to improve physical and sports performance.”, Explained Maximiliano Kammerer López, coordinator of the Master in Sports Nutrition.

The graduate program has a Qualified Registry dated January 26, 2018. It is recognized for its scientific foundation and a high social and ethical sense for planning, monitoring and managing food and nutrition in physically active people and population groups or athletes . All of this for the purposes of individual and collective health and well-being.

Graduating to 'the first' is the expression of our commitment to society, by delivering professionals with high standards of scientific and human quality, on a subject as sensitive as nutrition and food. Even more so with these master's degrees who come to meet an enormous need in our environment, because only until now, the country will have the ideal professionals to promote and favor nutrition applied to physical activity and sport. In addition, this contributes enormously to exalting our profession and our guild”, Expressed Piedad Roldán Jaramillo, dean of the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the University.

At the end of their studies, students acquire the international certification and the degree in anthropometry endorsed by the ISAK (International Society for Advanced Khineantropometry). Currently 19 students are enrolled in the second cohort and 22 more will enter the 2020-2 semester.

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