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Photography: Nutrition and Dietetics Seedbeds

Photo: Courtesy Seedbed of Maternal-Infant Nutrition

Six seedbeds from the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the CES University stood out at the XIX RedColsi Seedbeds Departmental Meeting by obtaining a score greater than 90 points (out of 100 possible).

This qualification allowed them to obtain the recognition of meritorious and outstanding, the two highest with which they evaluate the research projects that were presented at the event organized in September by the Colombian Network of Research Seedbeds (RedColsi), which brings together about 8,000 seedbeds from all over Colombia.

The meeting was a formative space where we had the possibility to show the research and innovation works that are developed in the seedbeds and that, in most cases, are configured as their degree work. The themes that are explored from the seedbeds and the projects presented in this meeting, intend to contribute to the solution of current problems in Nutrition and Food.”, Explained Alejandra Agudelo Martínez, Coordinator of Research and Innovation at the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences.

One of the seedbeds that stood out was that of Maternal-Infant Nutrition, which obtained the highest recognition as meritorious for its project on the Analysis of the content of immunoglobulin A and lactoferrin in raw breast milk at three different times; extraction and post-freezing at 15 and 90 days in nursing mothers from Medellín.

The teacher Nelly Patricia Castillejo Padilla, leader of the seedbed made up of 5 other researchers, explained that her project seeks to promote human breastfeeding in conditions in which even the mother cannot breastfeed her child directly, but instead keeps her milk frozen.

With our project we want to identify the biocomponents of human milk from the moment it is extracted, until when it is cooled, frozen and thawed to offer it to the baby. In this way we will have data that brings us closer to the ideal way to preserve milk while it is supplied to infants and that it does not lose its properties”, Explained the teacher Castillejo Padilla.

Nutrition student Angie Daniela Tapia Tutistar, who presented the project at the event, stated that in the seedbed they have always been interested in participating in academic meetings and have had the support of their Faculty and the Research Directorate by showing interest in their research.

We are very satisfied with the recognition because it means that the issue of breastfeeding is of general interest, since its benefits are innumerable: for the mother, the baby, the home economy, the environment and the health system " , added the student.

The CES University participated with twenty-one research projects among the more than a thousand that were presented to RedColsi 2020. Other topics covered by the participating seedbeds were associated with mental health and nutrition, nutritional biochemistry and science and technology of food.

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