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At Occupational Health and Safety, we exalt how important our collaborators are. For this reason, from September 16 to 20, we will celebrate Health, Safety and Sustainability Week with activities aimed at comprehensive well-being.

Photo of CES Clinic employees

Photography: CES Clinic

Among the activities that will be seen at the CES Clinic, in the Prado neighborhood in the center of Medellín, we will have dermatological appointments, optometry, cytology, cardiovascular risk screening, fire extinguisher management, HB antibody titration, among others, aiming at health emotional, physical health and sustainability with the environment.

It is a week in which we carry out awareness and guidance on how to lead healthy lifestyles, contributing positively to daily and work life.

On Friday, September 20, we invited the entire CES community to participate in the Safety and Sustainability Fair in which we will have stands, activities and talks of interest for the health of employees and the environment.
The activities will take place throughout the Clinic between 9:00 in the morning and 12 noon.

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