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Photography Research seedbed

Photography: Courtesy Juliana Sánchez Garzón

The Oral Quest seedbed of the CES University School of Dentistry received a score of 95.67 possible points out of 100 possible, for the research proposal entitled Finding MB2 in upper first molars in simulation for undergraduate students.

This qualification gave him the meritorious recognition, one of the highest with which the research projects in this event are evaluated. The proposal was presented at the Departmental Seedbeds Meeting organized for the Colombian Network of Research Seedbeds (RedColsi), which brings together about 8,000 seedbeds from all over Colombia.

The objective of the proposal is that undergraduate students in simulation can be trained in the identification of the MB2 conduit, since in these students there may be a problem, since only 15.8% of these manage to identify the conduit in question, and this conduit has a prevalence of appearance is close to 70% in patients ”, explained Juliana Sánchez Garzón, tutor of the research seedbed of the Faculty of Dentistry.

According to the tutor added, the ducts are those commonly referred to as nerves. Finding the MB2 is essential for students to train in endodontics, the treatment that solves root canal problems.

The proposal contemplates improving the training of students with the simulation devices of Medical Shapes, a company linked to the Faculty of Dentistry of the CES University, and thus reinforcing the finding of this conduit.

This recognition is very important for the seedbed because it shows the interest and commitment of the students with the Faculty and its training, since the students who come to these groups do so of their own free will because they want to advance further in their development and deepen aspects of research and knowledge”Said Julián Emilio Vélez Ríos, dean of the University's School of Dentistry.

The proposal is expected to be executed in 2021 when they can return to preclinical practices.

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